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Lamp of LED strip with your hands

2015-12-21 00:00:00

Lamp of LED strip with their hands Not far off the summer -and there is fishing and outdoor recreation. Often -overnight. And for these "gatherings" can not do without any light source. And the most economical and reliable source of such coverage will be light from the LED strip. Treated lamp can be connected to a car battery and a small battery for a couple of A/h The main thing is that the battery is rated at 12V. In this case the car battery, such a lamp may burn at least a week, because the consumption of one meter LED strip 0.4-0.6 A. Scheme lamp Ribbon:
The scheme is, in principle, a standard. Zener diode VD1, you will not believe the voltage stabilizes. A transistor VT1 amplifies the output current. FU1 Fuse 1A serves to short-circuit protection. "Chip" scheme -a powerful application of the germanium transistor. Need to use the nominal germanium transistor, rather than silicon, since the voltage drop at the pn junction "base -emitter" in the transistor on a germanium crystal only 0.3 V, while the silicon -0.7 V, which in this situation is already critical . Transistor should definitely put on a radiator, since it is strongly heated. To check that there is enough of a radiator, turn on the lamp to a fully charged battery and wait 10-15 minutes. Then touch the radiator or the body of the transistor -if the finger can not "straining" hold -that the radiator will be enough if the "burn" -that need more radiator. Instead D814D can apply any other diode with the same strain of stabilization and less power dissipation. Transistor can supply any of the series P216-P217. Any resistor at 0,125 watts or more.

Here`s my version of the stabilizer design. I put it in a jar of aluminum under filmstrips, pre-insulated her inside. Inside we put a transistor with a radiator, which is bolted board stabilizer. Track I applied varnish, then etched and soldered straight over all the details. The result here is a "surface mount for the poor": -. Keep in mind that the body of the transistor -is manifold, so do not close it! Fuse I put on pads borrowed from old power supply for your computer. From there you can take the radiator and if like the photo, you do not -just drank right size plate and drill holes conclusions. In the lid of the jar I made holes for cables. As applied SHVPT wire 2x0, 35, who just fit these goals. Most importantly, do not forget all the good seal!

And so I wish everybody a successful assembly. Any leave your comments below.
Material steal: http://radiostroi. ru/

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