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Stepper motor-generator

2015-12-25 00:00:00

Stepper motor generator Stepper motor is not only the engine that drives the various devices printer, scanner, etc., but also a decent Generator ! The main advantage of such a generator is that it does not need a big volume. In other words, even at low speed stepper motor produces a lot of energy.

Of course the energy of a stepper motor now we can produce, but how do I use it? -Quite simply, you need to put the rectifier and regulator

Usually with a stepper motor out 4 wires corresponding to the two coils. Therefore, the figure two rectifier unit.
Our generator can produce up to 50 volts at high speeds, so it is necessary to take the capacitors voltage is below 50V. A voltage stabilizer at 5-6 volts. What good is our hack? -The fact is that even when starting off our lantern shines brightly! And in the process of movement and does not flash does not go off.

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