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Simple tube amplifier for guitar

2015-12-20 00:00:00

Simple tube amplifier for guitar When`d like to get your own tube apparatus for guitar without spending a lot of time and a lot of money, it is better to start with a very simple scheme. Amplifier Fender Champion or simply Champ is one of the simplest designs that provide a real "tube sound" without serious costs. course, modern evil "haygeyna" from this unit do not get it. The maximum that can be achieved -is a delicious crunch or the classic "tube" overdrive, suitable for blues, classic rock and other traditional styles. But if before "Champa" put a serious transistor or tube-like overdrive pedal or a good preamp, this kid is capable of much. Preamplifier Champ`a made on one lamp 12ax7. Instead, you can use 12ay7, 12at7, 12au7 or 12dw7 -these lamps give a cleaner sound and less gain, because have less gain. You can also use domestic 6N2P need a little redesign the heater circuit, since 6N2P requires a filament voltage of 6 volts instead of 12. Okonechnike used in one lamp 6v6 -single-ended amplifier. Thus, you need only 2 lamps. The device delivers power of about 5 watts, for the home environment with one speaker 10 "enough for the eyes and the ears. If connect our "simpleton" to a serious cabinet 4x10 or 2x12 type, it can already be used in rehearsals with the drummer. Removing the signal from the microphone of the cabinet and sending him to the monitors, you ensure yourself a good audibility, even if your drummer sure play quietly -a lot of old fart This system makes it possible to use even on stage Champ`a small clubs.`s amplifier circuit clickable:
amplifier circuit type Champ. Controls: volume, treble and bass. Two lamps: 12ax and 6v6. Power 5W. As the output transformer I would use ClassicTone # 40-18030 or # 40-18031, Hammond 125BSE or 125ESE. Using Hammond 125ESE or ClassicTone # 40-18031 will provide slightly denser "lower classes" at high volume due to the fact that more massive transformers give high load less distortion. Power transformer can be SlassicTone # 40-18027 or 40-18085 or # anyone else having similar characteristics.
Parts list amplifier Champ:

ResistorsVariable ResistorsCapacitors R1 = 68KVR1 = 250K logC1 = 22uFR2 = 1MVR2 = 250K logC2 = 250pFR3 = 100KVR3 = 1M logC3 = 100nFR4 = 1K5C4 = 47nFR5 = 100KC5 = 22uFR6 = 15KC6 = 20nFR7 = 100KC7 = 22uFR8 = 1K5R9 = 47
All resistors 0,5 W, except R12 1WAll capacitors 400V, except C1, C5, C7 25V
required for operation of the voltage amplifier shown in the diagram. power supply to the amplifier HERE.

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