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TONE on the chip TDA1524A

2015-12-22 00:00:00

TONE on the chip TDA1524A Hi hams! Who would collect acoustics? It`s about preamplifier with tone-. Wanted to adjust the sound for yourself, here and decided to collect such TONE . The choice fell on chip TDA1524A . And now we stipulate the build of this miracle "from scratch", using the LUT technology for the manufacture of printed circuit board. Standard schema that will collect on tembroblok TDA1524A, is shown in Figure:

After soldering, check the insulation, snot between tracks. If none of this is seen, then you can safely include.

First run always spend with daisy automotive 12-volt bulbs for current limit in the case of a fault. Tembroblok collected -everything works fine.

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