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Temperature controller in the cellar

2015-12-21 00:00:00

Temperature controller in the cellar Instead
27.11.2013, 20:00
temperature sensor used two thermistor STZ-19. One set of 10-20 cm from the floor and cellar another on the street. Food for the thermostat comes on line 220 through the secondary winding of the transformer, designed for 12 V power and 10 watts. Rectifier bridge type used better KTS405 but would suit any other.

scheme thermostat. Stabilizer is made on a chip KR142EN8V , but may be replaced by KR142EN5 With additional zener diode in the "earth" wire. The main thing that the output voltage is 12-14 V.VT1 and VT2 on the same emitter followers gathered -stabilizers UBbix = 4,7-6,2 V. The voltage and polarity are not of fundamental importance.Stabilizer temperature-compensated diode VD2. R1 thermistor installed on the street, a R2 -in the cellar. Resistor R3 serves to compensate for parameter spread thermistors in the temperature range chosen. R5 is selected according to the current through the zener diode VD1 1-2 mA more than IcT. min to a set scheme. R6 needs to set the desired temperature.At DAI and DA2 collected comparators providing switching for a given temperature and switching DA1 outdoor temperature DA2. If the outdoor temperature is higher than in the cellar, and lock switches DA2 DA1 switch element DDI.Note. If it`s to be warmer than in the cellar, the warm air from the street will not be made, even if the temperature in the cellar will be too high. Air supply from the street will only occur when the temperature of at least one degree lower than in the cellar, though it depends on how the thermostat is debugged.The wires from the thermistor better placed in the screen without using the screen as a conductor. The device and the fan housing must be securely grounded. Wire network and connect the fan to the device through the terminal connection is necessary industrial production calculated on the appropriate voltage. Require special attention to security measures, because the device will operate almost unattended.

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