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Microcontroller development board for

2015-12-26 00:00:00

Prototyping board for the microcontroller Prototyping board is an indispensable tool To verify that and Debug designed devices on microcontroller AVR . described below prototyping board designed specifically to work with USB programmer USBBit . It is suitable for use with microcontrollers ATtiny2313, ATtiny4313, ATtiny15L or ATtiny25V.

As you can see from the photo, the board made 4 holes, for use breadboard so

The PCB layout is carried out in such a way that the port D and port B separately derived 5-pin connectors PLS five lines of each port: 2 to sixth lines for PORTD and from 0 to 4 lines for PORTV see. 1 photo. They can connect BLS, BLD or PBS connectors or solder bridges usual on the other side of the board. Also socket for the microcontroller installed three-way PLS-connector for separate switching data cable for connection microns through UART-interface with the computer. Also provided on the socket 20 to set the desired chip-like chip stepper motor driver, the chip ADC, RAM or flash memory, logic chip, 555-timer, etc.. Additionally, each leg of the panels made tap connector PLS. The card has two buttons, one on the top photo 1 to reboot the controller when it hangs, the second bottom to engineering problems that come up with themselves. breadboard The work on external power signal red and green LEDs. When the power breadboard is only the source of programming, then only the green LED. As a mandatory attribute in nutrition microcontroller is stabilized voltage source from 3.3 to 5 V, the board has an integral-type stabilizer 7805. Also for him accommodate small radiator, if 7805 will be very warm. Between input and ground 7805 0.33 uF capacitor installed, and between the output and ground 0.1 uF. Diodes on the board are used to protect the power supply from the 7805 programmer, the second -from 7805 to protect the power supply external devices. Advisable to put such Schottky diodes SS16, they fell to a small voltage. If the supply is used in 5 programmer, I advise you not to feed from breadboard other devices do not accidentally overload the USB or ensure that current does not exceed the value of 400 mA. When installing quartz, do not forget to put between his feet and the ground condensers capacity from 15 to 30 pF.

Working with breadboard. In the photo above, you can use part of the female connector signal line MISO, SCK, RESET, VCC, MOSI and GND. Header, which covers CLK6, TX, RX and GND is not required for programming. While in case the microcontroller setting fuziv stray signal CLK6 can sometimes help him unlock. Signals RX i TX designed to communicate with the computer via a microcontroller UART-interface. Connectors for programming I usually pin on poverty. Though still more convenient to use connectors BH-10R and flex type FC-10P to them which may be made personally from the old computer and loop adapters COM-connectors from old computers. As the plume can also be used by conventional wires, for example from the adapter on the PC front panel connector USB. Since connectors in the programmer and USBBit maketnitsi divorced equally, they can connect trail FC-10P directly without distortion.

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