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Driver Installation on a PC joystick DANDY

2015-12-27 00:00:00

Installing the driver on the PC joystick DANDY This article describes As hardware connect the joystick to the computer from dendi . It will discuss the methods of software settings.
Making and installing the drivers in XP and 9x set, so that all will not be considered and will show examples of specific programs.
You can find on the internet a lot of different drivers for joysticks platformers, but I suggest to use the ones that I suggest, namely PPJoy . To be honest, PPJoy different from other drivers large size distribution, but in the kit you will get a few different wiring diagrams platformers joysticks, FAQ connections and setup, though all on overseas language. prefer this driver, then download the driver distribution here: PPJoy082 [1.76 MB] . If you believe a manual, it is suitable for OS: Win9x/Me/NT/XP/2k. Unpack in any convenient location and run Setup. exe. Appears on the screen is a window through which it is necessary to click:

The installation process is to press the button "Next" and difficulties should not be, so consider it in detail do not see the point.
After installation in the "Start" folder appears in "Parallel Port Joystick", and in it a few shortcuts. We are interested in "Configure Joysticks" -It and run. Appears on the screen configuration utility joysticks. It push the button "Add".

See the configuration window of the new joystick. It exhibited the values as shown in the figure. Do not hesitate in choosing the type of interface with the Linux operating system in this case is not connected.

Putting all values correctly, click on the button "Add". Fall in the previous window. If we have a joystick, you can safely press the button "Done". If we need to adjust and second joystick, then again click "Add", appears already familiar dialogue, though our choice is somewhat limited, but the values will need to set as well as in the picture above. The only exception is in the penultimate line, ie, the number of the controller now points not 1, but 2 or more depending on what the joystick on the account we connect. All this is true if you are properly guided article about Hardware connection joystick . Particularly important respective connection Data Output joystick to LPT Porto, or may simply be "inconsistencies".

Half the work done, test the joystick left.

Go to "Control Panel" and run the label "Game Controllers". We choose the joystick to us and click on the "Properties" button. Properties window appears. In the "Test" we can check whether our joystick. At a time when nobody touches the joystick and none of its buttons are not clamped axes cross is at the center of the white region, and button images are all the same dark red.

If you connected the joystick and pressing the cross reaction and button images will respectively. In my case, I pressed the button at the same time cross-down and right, as well as the "Start" button button and "B".

If you have passed the verification test with a positive result, then congratulations! you could do with your hands to connect and configure the joystick on the console "Dandy" to the PC via LPT port.

On the Internet you can find many different emulators "Dandy". Each of them has its pros and cons. Some Roma on some emulators work, and others can not refuse. I decided not to consider each emulator separately, and collected some of the most successful one in the archive. This archive I suggest that you download.

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