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Solution for etching circuit boards

2015-12-27 00:00:00

Solution for etching circuit boards for etching circuit boards is mainly used with ferric chloride solution. Its easy to buy at the store radiozapchastey. When using ferric chloride etching time is usually 40 minutes.
To prepare the solution needed three parts water to one part ferric chloride is sold in powder form. The mixture should not be cooked in a metal pot, as it easily dissolves metal.
In the absence of ferric chloride can be used bluestone. Preparation : 1 teaspoon of copper sulfate + two tablespoons of white salt per 100g. water. The duration of etching using the mixture to 1 day. In this solution repairs itself unlike iron chloride. Consumable substance in it is salt. Bluestone sold in stores " Gardening ". Used in home gardens for pest control.
Known and such Recipe for solution . In one liter of cold water was dissolved 20 -25 gidroperita tablets, and then carefully add 100 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid. Such a solution pretty quickly corrodes fee. gidroperit can be purchased in a pharmacy pills.

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