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Thyristor voltage regulator
Thyristor voltage regulator This thyristor voltage regulator TRN is easy to manufacture and commissioning, regulation and high linearity power output -200 watts without radiators and 1000 W with radiators cooling area 50 cm2.

BATTERY for car battery 2
BATTERY for car battery 2 Schemes chargers for car batteries are quite common on the Internet and each has both advantages and disadvantages.

Driver Installation on a PC joystick DANDY
Installing the driver on the PC joystick DANDY This article describes As hardware connect the joystick to the computer from dendi . It will discuss the methods of software settings.

Solution for etching circuit boards
Solution for etching circuit boards for etching circuit boards is mainly used with ferric chloride solution. Its easy to buy at the store radiozapchastey.

Microcontroller development board for
Prototyping board for the microcontroller Prototyping board is an indispensable tool To verify that and Debug designed devices on microcontroller AVR . described below prototyping board designed specifically to work with USB programmer USBBit . It is suitable for use with microcontrollers ATtiny2313, ATtiny4313, ATtiny15L or ATtiny25V.

Electronic tachometer for motorcycle
Electronic tachometer for motorcycle It is designed to operate a single-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion engine with contact or contactless ignition system and allows you to measure the engine speed up to 10,000 rev/min.

Prefix to a multimeter to test quartz resonators
Console to a multimeter to test quartz resonators Many digital multimeters have a measuring function ac frequency. So meter M890F has 2 range "0-2 kHz" and "0-20 kHz.

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