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Stepper motor-generator
Stepper motor generator Stepper motor is not only the engine that drives the various devices printer, scanner, etc., but also a decent Generator ! The main advantage of such a generator is that it does not need a big volume.

Prefix-frequency to a multimeter
Console-frequency to the multimeter Not all DMMs can measure the frequency, but those cheap, in which there is a possibility, usually have low sensitivity and limited frequency range.

TONE on the chip TDA1524A
TONE on the chip TDA1524A Hi hams! Who would collect acoustics? It`s about preamplifier with tone-. Wanted to adjust the sound for yourself, here and decided to collect such TONE . The choice fell on chip TDA1524A . And now we stipulate the build of this miracle "from scratch", using the LUT technology for the manufacture of printed circuit board.

Lamp of LED strip with your hands
Lamp of LED strip with their hands Not far off the summer -and there is fishing and outdoor recreation. Often -overnight. And for these "gatherings" can not do without any light source.

Temperature controller in the cellar
Temperature controller in the cellar 27.11.2013, 20:00 Instead temperature sensor used two thermistor STZ-19. One set of 10-20 cm from the floor and cellar another on the street. Food for the thermostat comes on line 220 through the secondary winding of the transformer, designed for 12 V power and 10 watts.

Simple tube amplifier for guitar
Simple tube amplifier for guitar When`d like to get your own tube apparatus for guitar without spending a lot of time and a lot of money, it is better to start with a very simple scheme.

Burglar alarm for your problem
Burglar alarm for your garden Alarm for giving , created to protect the country house many years ago, it proved over many years of service. Feature of its design is that it identifies undesirable approach the protected object at a distance, and does not use or operate the gap loop mechanical switch, as in ordinary common security devices and capacitive relay.

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