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Program "Transistor" to determine the type for different markings
The "transistor" for determining the type of the markings on different Program " Transistor " designed to determine the type of transistors on various markings . She also includes examples of transistors custom-made labels.

Auto adapter to connect your laptop to the cigarette lighter
Auto adapter to connect your laptop to the cigarette lighter There for connecting laptops from car power Converters , having a relatively high cost between $ 50 and above.

Voltage regulator circuit Gas-2705 and its connection to the generator
The regulator circuit voltage Gas-2705 and its connection to the generator Figure 1 depicts Schematic diagram of the voltage regulator with a compound generator . Denominations radiodetails: Resistors : R1 -68-220 ohm resistor MLT selected when adjusting; R2 -220 ohm resistor MLT; R3, R13 -10k resistors MLT; R4, R11, R12 -MLT resistors 3k3; R5 -820 ohm resistor MLT; R6, R10 -470 ohm resistors MLT; R7 -51 ohm resistor MLT; R8 -1.3 ohm resistor MLT ; R9 -430 ohms resistor MLT; R14 -100 ohm resistor MLT; Capacitors: C1, C2 -capacitors K73-24V-100V-0, 1 uF, NW -capacitor C50-29-160V-4.7 uF; C4 -capacitor K73-21V-160V-2.2 uF; L1 -choke; Transistors: V1 -Zener D818B; V2 -KT361B transistor; V3 -KT315B transistor; V4 -KT3107B transistor; V5 -KD522B diode; V6 -KT850A transistor; V7 -KD208A diode; V8 -KT819G transistor; V9 -KD209A diode; Others: 1 -the ignition switch 2 -Plug 3 -fuse 60A, 4 -Battery 5 -Generator 6 -Voltage Regulator Technical characteristics regulator Adjustable voltage should be 13,8-14,5 V at the generator speed from 2,800 to 12,000 min -1, the load from 5 to 40 A, at a temperature of -20 to +80 ° C. The voltage drop across the terminals "W" and "-" for a current regulator 4 A circuit winding and at 20 ° C not more than 1.6 V. The voltage regulator is protected against possible short circuit in the field winding.

Electronic gas sensor
Electronic gas sensor Scheme: The circuit which is shown above, is used to detect gas leaks. Sensor responds to methane, ethanol, hydrogen, isobutane fume.

Individual security device on the IR rays
Individual security device for infrared rays Individual security device on the IR rays can be used as a protection alarm sensor in the cars of various models.

Electronic fuse for 220V
Electronic fuse 220v When repairing Switching Power Supply , for their Protection We have to limit the current source. The delimiter usually use either an incandescent bulb or a resistor.

AMPLIFIER COMPUTER from another department, where involved in the design of various electronic devices, one person asked me to create a simple two-channel amplifier for computer . Due to poor funding and zhlobstva head of department, the money to buy normal computer speakers for PC did not allocate nothing to distract from the work.

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