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Food for old appliance
Food for old appliance When I was a beginner hobbyist, got me in a birthday gift from his grandfather device TS4313. Despite the fact that he has long passed into the category of "grandpa", I continue to actively use it to test various semiconductors, capacitors and resistors and write him once a pity as it has a pretty decent capacitance meter and accuracy it is better cheap Chinese " digital cameras.

Burglar alarm
Burglar alarm security devices has the following features: 1. Adjustable delay time of alarm to the owner could safely disarm the system Guard .2. Adjustable Hours siren .3. Audible indication.

MULTIMETER DT-830B Schemes M830 ... not much difference DT830 or M830 ... Exclusively be able to use all necessary instrumentation. Multimeter -universal device `short-tester" from the word "test". Species very much.

Cimistorny regulator 25-80 A
Simple cimistorny regulator 25-80 A Scheme simple cimistornogo regulator , which can be operated with a sufficiently large load currents in the order of 25 -80 amps is presented below. Collected by the usual classical scheme, but instead was taken dynistor symmetric circuit of the conventional dynistor in bridge diagonal.

Thermostat water electric boilers
Thermostat for water electric boilers Often there are situations where no individual or central heating boilers are not available, eg in the field there is a small room pumping station water supply, and there is on duty around the clock people.

Ringer telefovnyh devices
Ringers telefovnyh devices owners of most telephones with rotary dial clearly not happy with the set in them ringer vus electromagnetic Call Out slozhivsheya "-situation is very simple -replace the stock call on one of the proposed schemes.

Simple switching power supply for the amplifier to IR2153D and not only
Simple switching power supply for the amplifier IR2153D and not only. How can I use the power supply from the computer as a power amplifier.

Как правильно подавать кофе и чай в офисе.

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