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Radio schoolboy
Student radio station Scheme radio which can collect and schoolboy shown in Figure 1; it consists of a RF generator and the AF amplifier.

Create powerful laser
Create a powerful laser Attention! Harmful! not direct the laser beam at people or animals! This article describes a powerful laser Manufacturing 300 mW power ~ 500 Chinese pointers , which can be harmful to your health and the health of others, so be careful!! To create the laser we need: -Output or working DVD-RW drive with 16x recording speed or higher -100 pF capacitors and 100 mF -Resistor 5.2 Ohm -Three AAA batteries or an AC adapter with the same voltage -Soldering and Guides -collimator or Chinese Pointer; Steel LED Flashlight.

Elektroudochka tell you the truth, electrolyte In Russia, the U.S. and many other countries is not prohibited and banned illegal fishing, sea mammals and other aquatic animals, according to Art.

Schemes power supply to the Pole
Circuit power supply to the Pole Schemes power supply to the Pole:

Infrared port for computer
Infrared port for PC This device allows you to establish a connection to the IR rays with any household appliance in your apartment having IR control channel. Because it can control the computer with your TV, VCR, etc.

Amplifier on a chip TA7769P
Amplifier chip TA7769P imported disassembled the old tape Philips , drew chip Toshiba TA7769P , by looking on the internet that can produce power on it, too fired up such an idea.

Charger for 3-6-volt batteries
Charger for 3-6-volt batteries representations of simple Charger 3-6c designed for charging batteries stable current miners, popularly called "konogonkoy." Self-discharge in these batteries is very high and this means that after a month, no more than that the same load the battery needs to be charged.

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